Moxy And The Influence – Live Show Review

moxy and the influence

The local music scene in Orange County these days is very vast and diverse that sometimes, it’s difficult to really hear the style and genre of music that a band is trying to achieve. Not that it’s a bad thing – I love me some fusion of rock and classical with a hint of reggae sometimes. I also appreciate when different musical influences come together, and create a timeless masterpiece capable of invoking mood swings in a 5-minute track.

But there are nights when I just want to see a show, and expect the band to do one thing – rock my face off! That’s exactly what I got after seeing Moxy And The Influence at Chain Reaction last night (April 5, 2014).

Moxy And The Influence are:

Moxy Anne – lead vocals
Sydney Ellen – lead guitar
Carly Wasserman – bass
Ignacio Barrientos – drums

At first glance, I felt as if I took a time machine back to the 80′s to watch a Poison concert. Back in the days, bands took the time to match their image with their music, and I think that’s very important. A rock show must be an audio-visual experience in order to melt some faces off, and that’s exactly what Moxy And The Influence attains to do.

The group is very young, and I don’t think anyone of them is of legal drinking age. Nonetheless, they looked experienced, professional, and very serious about their craft. I can tell that they’re having a blast on stage, and that energy translates to the crowd enjoying every minute of it as well.


Their music is very reminiscent of the great rock n roll genre of the 80′s, but I could also sense a bit of modern rock in their sound. Maybe it’s Moxy’s vocal prowess, but I couldn’t help but think Evanescence to compare their style to. Imagine Amy Lee fronting Mötley Crüe!

My favorite out of their 20-minute set was “Vampire Valentine.” It has everything that every hit song should have: A captivating intro (Ignacio drove this one home!), tasty guitar riffs, well phrased verses, and a big chorus.

I also enjoyed their cover of TNT by AC/DC. They totally owned that one!


moxy-influence-showBeing able to sing live and sound great is one thing, but to do that and also engage the crowd is another. Moxy Anne can do both. She has that command on stage, and she makes sure the audience is part of the show. At one point, she called up two girls on stage to sing along, and I thought that was so rock n roll!

Sydney, on lead guitar, is a great presence to behold on stage. She rocks that axe like it’s all she was born to do. Some guitarists get hung up on playing perfectly that they stare at the fretboard all night, but not Sydney. The headbanging, the jumps, the pick-flicks, it’s all there! Total star power!

On the other side of the stage is Carly on bass, and she doesn’t hold back either. I particularly enjoyed when she made the crowd put their hands together during breakdowns. She knew exactly the perfect time to do this. A few times during the set, I was caught fiddling with my phone, and Carly lets go of her instrument, throws her hands in the air, and I felt obliged to follow her lead. Kudos!


Overall, I was really captivated by the band’s performance. If they keep at it, I won’t be surprised to see them rise to the top and be a national act. Time is on their side since they’re still young, and have all the opportunity in the world awaiting for them. As long as they don’t get caught up in the usual band drama that happens among musicians, it won’t be too long of a way to the top. As a musician myself, I really applaud the gang’s ability to write catchy songs because that’s really important if you want your audience to remember you and take you seriously. I found myself humming to the chorus of Vampire Valentine while driving home, and that doesn’t happen to me very often after watching any local band.

If you have a chance, take the time to catch one of their shows – you won’t be disappointed.

Check out their music here:

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